Turn Your Lights On

Go Green with Intelligent Lighting

When correctly planned, an intelligent lighting system can save your home on energy costs and can help bulbs and fixtures to last longer. Keep money in your pocket all while helping the environment.

How does it work?

Through our process of planning we identify all lighting and appliance needs your home has, and make suggestions based on that. Our lighting partner provides switches, dimmers, table lamp buttons, keypads, occupensy sensors, and voice control so that you have control over your lighting at all times. No need to ever worry again if you left the lights on in the house.

Dimming the lights by just 50 percent can save 40 percent of your electricity, add 10+ years to the life of your bulb, and save an average of $30.00 annually per bulb.


Percentage Dimmed
Electricity Saved

Years of Life Added to Bulb


Annual Savings per Bulb

Like What You See?

Start saving energy and money today with an in-home assessment of your lighting system.

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