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What Options Are Available?

On today's market there are so many options available for security cameras. Wireless cameras have become popular with recording services being hosted on cloud based servers. IP cameras that allow you exceptional clarity, and traditional analog cameras for an entry level camera system are also available. Regardless of the options you choose, you need a system which allows you to feel safe whether you're at home, work, or thousands of miles away.

Do Cameras Really Deter Criminals?

Research has shown that criminals are less likely to burlgarize a home if they can spot a security system. We have clients that can attest also that in the event of a theft, they were glad to have had a system in place by us.

Based on a study conducted by the Electronic Security Association, 83% of convicted burglars would determine first whether a home has security cameras before they broke into the house. 60% of thieves would typically avoid homes with security cameras.

Percent of burglars look for security cameras
Percent of burglars avoid homes with security cameras

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