Slim but Powerful

It's easy to envision the best Bose soundbar speaker with your HDTV. But there's much more to the Lifestyle® 135 home entertainment system than its slim profile. Your room is unique. And its size, shape, textures and other elements affect the sound you hear. The ADAPTiQ® system was developed to analyze your room and then adjust the Lifestyle® system's sound for a consistent, high-quality performance.


Unify technology guides you through the setup process using easy-to-follow onscreen messages

Unify intelligent integration system uses onscreen navigation to simplify system setup and everyday use. This proprietary technology walks you through setup, showing the right inputs and best connection options, and even verifies you've done it correctly. Clear, onscreen menus provide all the information you need for your connected sources.

The ADAPTiQ system customizes home theater surround sound to your room

ADAPTiQ audio calibration system analyzes the way your room's dimensions and other variables affect sound, then automatically adjusts the sound of your speaker system to the acoustics of your room.


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We work with a variety of products that are designed for custom installations. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your installation was tailored specifically to your needs.

All of our services are licensed and insured. We provide a workmanship warranty that covers disconnection of equipment, recycling of equipment, and all manufacturer's warranties.