Custom Audio/Video vs One Size Fits All

Posted by: dctheaters | Posted on: June 5, 2014

Is that great sale price on a piece of equipment always worth it? We break down some of the differences between what you can find at the store, and what custom products your local AV installers can provide for you.

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Automation: Benefits of the Futuristic Home

Posted by: dctheaters | Posted on: October 23, 2013

The home of the future is here, and it will make your life much easier. Read about the ways that automating tasks in your home can save you money.

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Home Theater as an Investment

Posted by: dctheaters | Posted on: January 15th, 2013

Home theater systems come in many shapes and forms, it's always good to look at your system as a "sound" investment.

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Building a new home?

Posted by: dctheaters | Posted on: November 29th, 2012

It's important to know the in's and out's when it comes to building a new home and getting it wired for the latest technology.

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